Thursday, 19 May 2011

Vampire Rush HD Review

Vampire Rush is a perfect mix of Tower Defense and an Action RPG. From Chillingo and A-Steroids comes a very fun game with great controls, graphics and sounds.

The gameplay is very simple, players control the character by a virtual analogue stick - on the other side of the screen is another button, which is attack. Different attacks are created depending on whether you press the button or hold it down, these can create combos or just an individual strike. After you have defeated enemies you are given gold (more or less depending on how hard the enemy is to battle). The gold can be spent on towers - to add extra protection to your gate, upgrades for the towers and abilities for your character. The skills can be defensive/offensive spells or health upgrades.

The game can get a bit annoying as you have to restart a full level if you fail, but that gives you more reason to upgrade your health.

Overall this is a very good game, which gets challenging quickly, and if you complete the campaign you unlock three endless maps. I think most people will like this game.

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