Tuesday, 31 May 2011

To-Fu: The Trials of Chi HD Review

To-Fu: The Trials of Chi from HotGen is the latest puzzle game. It has great graphics, brilliant sounds and it is filled with a range of colours. The early levels are easy to complete and don't require much thought, but as you progress the levels get much harder.

There is plenty of replay value aswell as there is 100 levels of game play, each level has three different goals. The main goal in all of them is simple; get to the fortune cookie. The other two are; collect all of the chi, and get to the fortune cookie in the amount of moves set, the counter decreases after every shot. Unlike many other games you can try to earn each goal separately.

Along the way there is loads of obstacles such as spikes, icy walls and even crumbling bricks. Some times they can help you, but most of the time they stop you from completing the level with all the chi, or in the required amount of moves.

The controls are perfect for the game as well. All you need to do is stretch To-Fu then aim and release him. To cancel the ping you return him to his normal size. 

The only two things in this game which could be improved are the length of the deaths and it could have Game Center support. The developers have said they are working on both of these and that they will be coming in a future update!

Overall this is a brilliant game for anyone, and it's addictive game play will keep you busy for hours!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/to-fu-the-trials-of-chi-hd/id436998499?mt=8

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Mighty Fin Trailer

dream:scape Trailer

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Slot Life - Pirates for iPad Review

Slot Life - Pirates for iPad is a slot machine with a difference. You still have advances and locks, but there is four mini games and two machines to play with!

The first machine has basic prizes and you can only bet on one line, you use doubloons for each spin. The upper one has much better prizes and you play with pearls which you collect in the other machine. The possibility of winning is alot higher as you can bet on more lines.

The four mini games include: Rum’s Challenge, Naval Battle, Treasure Hunt and Dices. They are mainly slot machine based, so you have to spin and hope you get lucky. The mini games are activated by certain symbols. Collecting shovels and extra crew in your normal game play will make some mini games easier to complete. The prize in most of them is additional doubloons but you can lose them as well. The animations are very basic, but you don't really need them.

You as a Pirate age through out the game as well, which means the game has an ending and a goal. Leader boards are in Open Feint and there is plenty of achievements to earn.

It is very easy to learn how to play, and it looks and sounds great. Definitely worth a try!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/slot-life-pirates-for-ipad/id435698200?mt=8

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Best 5 Free Games - 28 May 2011

Falling Bill - http://bit.ly/lnaM3f
Gravity Hook HD - http://bit.ly/ccKPch
Solomon's Boneyard - http://bit.ly/ayHdB9
Super Stickman Golf - http://bit.ly/hiR0rf
Solomon's Keep - http://bit.ly/c6C8Q6

Paint My Wings Review

Paint My Wings is the new way to paint beautiful, symmetrical butterflies. I know that as child I used to love getting out the paint set and painting one wing, and then folding it over. With Paint My Wings from Toca Boca kids can easily do this, just without the mess.

There is two butterflies a boy and a girl. They both sing and talk while you are painting, sometimes they tell you which colour you have picked, and other times they are humming away. Another great feature is that you can tickle them, which makes them giggle or say something different. Even when you swap butterflies they say "bye bye" or "cya later" then "hi paint my wings" or "hey paint my wings".

Paint My Wings uses the mirror effect, so painting one wing will mean you have painted them both. If you write on one it will be backwards on the other, but put it in front of a mirror and it will look like it has been wrote normally. You can also save your butterfly to your camera roll.

The sound effects are great. The voices perfectly suit the butterflies and you feel as if you are outside because you can hear birds tweeting in the background. There are nine colours at the moment, and they are all nicely set out at the side.

Brilliant app for kids!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/paint-my-wings/id432858701?mt=8

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Bubble Blaster Review

With one mode and basic game play you wouldn't think Bubble Blaster from Games By Bob could be so addictive. It definitely is... 

The aim of the game is to pop as many bubbles as you can, each game will last only about 20 seconds and it is a lot harder than it sounds. The colour is said out loud and appears at the top of the screen, you are given the chance to pop as many as you can in a few seconds then it changes.

The bubbles come in from the bottom of the screen and are each worth 100 points. That 100 points could turn into 1000 depending on your multiplier. Popping the wrong colour will result in a 100 point loss and your multiplier will go back to zero. Popping more bubbles will also give you more time, the wrong bubbles will give you less.

In the options you can flip the screen around and turn off music and effects.

A great game for quick breaks. You will soon find your self replaying it just to beat your own score!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bubble-blaster/id420306316?mt=8

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Draw-n-Show Review

Draw-n-Show takes drawing one step further. It allows you to record your on screen art and save it to your camera roll. You definitely need to read the instructions before trying anything because they do tell you a lot and most of it you will need to know.

The drawing app has some basic preset colours and four backgrounds. In the toolbar you can change the intensity and size of the lines you draw, even how fast the video will play back. At the side among the colours there is an eraser, but to clear the whole screen you can shake the device. You can create stop motion animations aswell as videos. There's even a pause button and you can record for as long as you like!

After you finish your drawing and have saved it to your camera roll you can go and view it, from there you are able to upload it to YouTube and send it via email.

The only issues for me is that while recording the toolbar hides, it can be a little bit annoying as changing brush sizes or intensity can take longer. I would love to see this app go universal and more backgrounds added as there is only four at the moment. Maybe even options to post it to Twitter, Facebook orYouTube from inside the app would be a great feature

Brilliant app, with great graphics. Worth a try!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/draw-n-show/id427490853?mt=8

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Touchgrind BMX Launch Trailer

Moving Day Review

Proper Games have created a great casual game. It has cartoon graphics, and a mixture of controls.

Your character is on roller skates and is carrying a few bags. At the start of the level you need to make sure you stack them properly in the amount of time you get, then you can start. You need to take them to the moving van, so the house's belongings can get to the new one. To make it harder there are obstacles to slow you down, or trip you up. Hitting certain objects that trip you up will result in you dropping all of your bags, you are then allowed 10 seconds to pick as many up as you can. If you trip too many times the game will end, collecting cups of tea acts as an extra life. Once you reach the van you are given points and bonuses on the time and amount of bags you have brought.

The controls are very easy to use. You tilt to speed up or slow down, and slide up or down on the screen to move up and down the street.

There is 3 streets and a total of 24 levels at the moment.

A great game for any age, and definitely worth checking out!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/moving-day/id395714931?mt=8

Note: The developer has been very generous and given me 3 codes to give away, look out for my tweet later! -  http://twitter.com/#!/i_reviews

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Peter Packer Trailer

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Roger The Flying Pig HD

Roger The Flying Pig is a great game for all the family, it has great graphics and sounds. The story is brilliant as well, "Roger (the pig), got lost when he was a piglet, and couldn’t find his way home. He was lucky enough to be found by a duck family. They took him in and raised him like their own little ducklings. Roger was raised with many duck sisters and brothers but one day they all flew away leaving him behind… He knew that there is only one thing he can do… He has to learn how to fly."

There is plenty of game play, which includes an Arcade mode and Challenge mode. These two modes set a different goal; arcade giving you three different ones and in the challenge mode there is only one - get as far as possible.

Arcade mode has three overall goals:
  • Apples - Collect as many as you can.
  • Signs - Avoid all of the signs
  • Distance - You have to get as close as you can to the given distance.
For each one there is four levels, it can get repetitive but you can try and achieve three stars on every one. The stars go towards a new outfit and improving your bounce or jump.

Eating more burgers means your speed along the ramp will increase, which will help you make a better jump. Cup cakes will give you a more powerful jump.

The game supports Open Feint and Game Center integration.

On the whole this game is worth checking out.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/roger-the-flying-pig-hd/id435535401?mt=8

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Feed Me Oil Trailer

Monday, 23 May 2011

Velocispider Trailer

Touchgrind BMX Trailer

Touchgrind BMX will be available on the App Store May 26th!

It will work onthe  iPhone 3G/3GS/4G and iPod 2G/3G/4G and requires iOS 3.2 or higher. Touchgrind BMX will cost $4.99 / €3.99 / £2.99.

Surfin' Dude Trailer

Saturday, 21 May 2011

MemMatch Review

MemMatch is a simple matching game. You need to find two cards which have the same picture on them. With every turn you get to pick two cards, you need to try and remember what it was on the card so if you find the match you can quickly pair it up. The aim is to match all the cards in fewest flips possible. The pictures can range from basic colours to famous figures and places, they are very clear and all look professionally photographed.

It's great for people who used to play this game as a child and maybe even now, the only difference is that it's cheaper than a pack of cards and it is portable! The graphics are perfect for the game. Casual gamers who just want to pass a few minutes will also like this game. There is three modes; Easy, Medium and Hard. Easy has 8 cards, Medium has 18 cards and Hard has 40.

For 59p this is a great purchase. It's also universal!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/memmatch/id401111682?mt=8

Note: The developer has been very generous and given me 5 codes to give away, look out for my tweet later! -  http://twitter.com/#!/i_reviews

Elemental - A Musical Instrument Review

Elemental from Nooskewl is a very relaxing and unique app. You create music from the different elements; Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. Each of the elements have appropriate sounds, and you would be able to tell what they are without the labels.

You are given a rectangle made up of small circles, underneath it is the elements. You tap on an element to select it and tap again to place it in the grid. Randomly placing them does often make very nice sounds, but filling the rectangle too much makes it sound hectic. To remove an element you just tap on it again.

As the music you have created plays through over and over again you are able to track it, sometimes the effects are a bit slow for the music but not very often.

To clear the grid you can shake your device. I would like to see a save button because when you create a beautiful piece of music you would like the option to listen to it again. Overall this is a great app, and it's universal so for the cheap price you pay it's definitely worth it.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/elemental-a-musical-instrument/id409332747?mt=8

Note: The developer has been very generous and given me 5 codes to give away, look out for my tweet later! -  http://twitter.com/#!/i_reviews

Contact George Pro Review

Re-Create Entertainment have created a very fun game. You are given a virtual human called George, you can love him or simply use him as a punch bag. You can visit George any time of the day as he is waiting for you, whether it's in his office, bathroom, bedroom or living room.  

There are alot of different ways to interact with your George you can slap, punch, tickle and even squeeze him. If you want a different way of hurting him you can rig items in the room, shaking your device will also cause him to lose his balance. During the game there is plenty of achievements, my first one was called "Jewel Breaker". You can also level up.

To rig an item you double tap it, you will then have to rig it your self in under a certain time limit, rigging can involve swiping, shaking or tapping. Once fully completed it will react and a picture will pop up saying "Technical Difficulties Please Standby" then it will show you what happened and than a picture with a caption will appear. Most objects have different outcomes, all of them being very funny.

Overall this is a great game, and George is my new virtual stress ball. He cheers me up and makes me laugh. You can really tell a lot of hard work has been put into it, I'd recommend it to anyone!

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/contact-george-pro/id426793637?mt=8

Best 5 Free Games - 21 May 2011

Tower Runner - http://bit.ly/gFKYqx
Candy Train - http://bit.ly/iGAyAj
Super Crazy Wars - http://bit.ly/hl66Wt
Great Little War Game - http://bit.ly/h4BUrF
Plush Wars
- http://bit.ly/lDbvqn

To-Fu: The Trials of Chi - Launch Trailer

Monster RPG 2 Review

Monster RPG 2 is full of great sounds and retro graphics. The game has a few control options, all of them very easy to use.

It includes everything you'd expect from a JRPG, from a defeat all evil plot to strategic mini games. You can even play your own music during the game if you want.

The battles are very much like Pokemon games, but seem to be more in depth. They start with a random encounter, and include attack, defense, item, run and magic. Magic is only available with certain characters and if you retreat you will lose gold.

The story is based on a a girl named Eny and her friend Tig. At the beginning Tig finds a magical staff, he then turns evil and defeats you in a battle. This leaves you to explore the world of Monster RPG 2 alone, but on the way non playable characters join you in the fight to end evil. As they join they bring different skills which is a big help when your trying to beat evil creatures.  

It's not the best RPG available but at 59p you can't go wrong, and it's universal! I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who calls themselves a true JRPG fan. 

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/monster-rpg-2/id358610619?mt=8

Note: The developer has been very generous and given me 5 codes to give away, look out for my tweet later! -  http://twitter.com/#!/i_reviews

Friday, 20 May 2011

Golf ♠ Solitaire Review

Golf Solitaire from Sprightly Software mixes certain golf elements with solitaire. It won't improve your golfing skills but will definitely get your brain working!

It took a few attempts and a good read through the instructions before I fully understood the game. There is a total of nine rounds, each with 35 cards, you need to clear as many as you can, and achieve the lowest score possible. In every round your score starts at 35, and as you remove the cards it goes lower. Every round has a maximum score which means if you are over it at the end, you will fail and have to restart the game. Luckily there is an undo button to help you.

To clear the cards you need to click on another (from the main play area) which is one bigger or smaller than the card showing on the discard pile, colours and the suit does not apply. For example; if a 3 was showing on the discard pile then you could click on a 4 or a 2, which ever one you pick will then move to the top of the discard pile. Changes of direction are allowed so you could do a sequence such as; 5-6-5-4-3-4-5-6. If there is no more moves then you can tap on the deck which will reveal a new card. Only a 2 can be played on the aces, and nothing can be played on the Kings.

It is a great game with brilliant graphics and sound effects, you can easily read the cards and it is universal. A very good challenging game.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id414129042?mt=8

Note: The developer has been very generous and given me 10 codes to give away, look out for my tweet later! -  http://twitter.com/#!/i_reviews

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Balloonatics Review

Balloonatics is a relaxing yet challenging game. To control the hot air balloon all you do is simply swipe up. You need to do this to mainly avoid clouds and birds but there are many more obstacles in the sky. Amongst the clouds there are stars which you need to collect.

The main thing I love about this game is that the artwork is all hand drawn with a pencil and paper, and it looks brilliant. Even the musical instruments perfectly suit the gameplay and add to the relaxing feel.

I experienced a few crashes while trying to load up the different levels to play, and it didn't seem to record the number of stars I had collected - but nothing that stopped me playing!

As this is version 1.0 and the game hasn't been out long, it only has one season and three levels. In the future more seasons will be added which means more levels. There will be; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, but Spring is the one available at the moment. There is also supposed to be Game Center coming.

Looking forward to more levels, and should be a better game with a few more updates.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/balloonatics/id435294643?mt=8

TrafficVille Review

TrafficVille is a very simple game, with easy controls. All you need to is control the traffic, and stop crashes. You change the lights from red to green, but as you progress you start to get timed and after 7 seconds the light will automatically change to green.

There is 5 different types of cars some can be fast and some can be slow, there is also planes, trains and fire trucks. The planes block your screen while flying past, so they can distract you for a brief moment. Both planes and fire trucks cannot be stopped, trains can be stopped but are long and very slow when they are on the move.

The graphics are great and they look even better as the game supports Retina Display. The sounds when you crash are realistic, and the game is addictive. In the next update Game Center will be added, and because of their latest release two of their older games are free (City Lights and JETMonkeys). 

Very nice and well made game, worth taking a look at.


Vampire Rush HD Review

Vampire Rush is a perfect mix of Tower Defense and an Action RPG. From Chillingo and A-Steroids comes a very fun game with great controls, graphics and sounds.

The gameplay is very simple, players control the character by a virtual analogue stick - on the other side of the screen is another button, which is attack. Different attacks are created depending on whether you press the button or hold it down, these can create combos or just an individual strike. After you have defeated enemies you are given gold (more or less depending on how hard the enemy is to battle). The gold can be spent on towers - to add extra protection to your gate, upgrades for the towers and abilities for your character. The skills can be defensive/offensive spells or health upgrades.

The game can get a bit annoying as you have to restart a full level if you fail, but that gives you more reason to upgrade your health.

Overall this is a very good game, which gets challenging quickly, and if you complete the campaign you unlock three endless maps. I think most people will like this game.

HD Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vampire-rush-hd/id429146460?mt=8
Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vampire-rush/id426355312?mt=8

Bumpy Road Review

I have been looking forward to the release of this game for a while now. Simogo definitely didn't disappoint me! This game has very unique graphics and sounds, and you can be sure it will keep you busy for ages. The music in all areas of the game is well suited, and it is the sort you won't get tired of.

The most different thing about this game from any other is the controls, yet they are so simple and easy to use. The car which carries the happily married couple always drives to the right. You don't control the car though, you control the road, which means touching the screen will put a bump in the road. At first I found this difficult to master, but now I've got the hang of it I am moving the car back and forth. A little tap under the car will push it into the air, allowing you to avoid the gaps in the road.

Bumpy Road gives you two modes:
  • Evergreen Ride - An endless, randomly generated track. You need to make it as far as you can without falling into a hole or running out of fuel. In the level there are many different gizmos, if you collect enough of these you will fill up your fuel gauge. Filling it up completely will take you into a bonus trip, this speeds te gameplay up and takes away any dangerous holes. It allows you to pick up as many gizmos as you can.
  • Sunday Trip - An endless, randomly generated track. In this one you need to get to the finish line as quick as you can. There is no hazards in this level, but collecting clocks will improve your final time, and the boost speeds you up. There is no fuel gauge but there is gizmos, the gizmos on this level help you with your Game Center Achievements.
There is also a third mode but it isn't a game. It's called Memory Lane, while you are playing the Evergreen Ride you might come across pictures. If you collect them and go into Memory Lane you will find a projector and you will be able to scroll through the pictures, each of them showing apart of the married couples life together. The room is lighted by the projector and the couple are on the couch watching the screen. The music played in the room is very relaxing, and it is lovely how you can see snippets of their life and how it began.

I just hope there will be more modes, and more to achieve in the gameplay but overall Simogo have once again brought a brilliant game to the app store. Worth every penny, and it's universal!

Gameplay link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSxZK33kD-c&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL
Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bumpy-road/id423855879?mt=8

Luminati Review

Luminati adds a twist to the original, well known game Connect 4.

During the game power ups are placed in random slots, if you pick it up while dropping your token in you will be given it. You can store up to three, and use them at any point during the game. To activate it you press on it before you make your move and press it again if you want to deactivate it. There is only two power ups at the moment; Wings of fury which destroys horizontal row of tokens and Impaler which destroys a column of tokens. When you destroy your opponents tokens you gain points but if you destroy your own you will lose points. If you win you are given a large amount added to your score, and you progress to level 2.

Currently there is two modes, 1 player and 2 player (pass and play). There is going to be an update in the future which will being Game Center support, for online leaderboards and match making.

The controls are very easy to use. Tap on the left side of the screen to move left, tap right side to move right and swipe down to drop your token. Swiping also works. You need to make your move before the timer fully lights up, it is like a cog and a ball lights up in each groove. Once all eight are lit your token will automatically drop.
Luminati is a great game, with brilliant graphics and sound track. There is also a lite version. Definitely worth checking out.

To see some gameplay, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3tcUfbgJzc

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/luminati/id429413476?mt=8

You can also buy the soudtrack. It has 12 tracks on it both long and short.

To buy the music click this link: http://mattiasholmgren.bandcamp.com/album/luminati-ost

Balliland XL Review

This is a very good puzzle game. It looks easy but after just a few levels you are forced to use a hint or two.

There are three episodes; The Forest, The Desert and The Arctic. Each episode is unlocked once you have a certain number of coins, which you obtain when playing your way through plenty of levels. There is supposed to be more coming soon.

All you need to do is position the balls in a straight line. The balls can roll of the board, so crates can be a big help, the only probem is crates can also fall off. Once you get into even harder levels there are obstacles, these can be stones, bombs, traps, ice, spikes, lasers and even saws!

As with most puzzle games like this there is undo buttons and hints, but this game comes with unlimited undos! The three balls tend to blink and roll over in their space while you are working out where to move them, this can be a bit distracting - it just makes you use more concentration.

Balliland also has Game Center and OpenFeint Achievements.

Overall this game does get your brain working. It has great graphics and sounds. There is also a free version "Balliland S" which is worth a look, if you are not sure.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/balliland-xl/id423772864?mt=8

Puji's Shootout HD Review

At first this new game from Playcompass looked a bit childish, but I can safely say it is fun for any age! The graphics are bright and colourful, controls are easy to use and the sound is great.

You play as the star who must avoid the bubbles, crabs and many more sea creatures, which come to distract you. There is a choice of controls; a slider in the bottom left corner of the screen, or the accelerometer, both are very simple to use.

Once you are in a good position, you tap on the screen, which shoots up a line of stars. If a bubble hits the line it pops, once you have popped all the bubbles you can proceed to the next level. On every level there is plenty of power ups, which give you the advantage. And if over 100 levels and 5 different water based worlds is not enough, you can go back and try to get three stars on each one.

I think you should go try this very entertaining game out, and if you are not sure you can always try out the lite version in the app store.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pujis-shootout-hd/id426938169?mt=8

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Melon Truck Review

Melon Truck is a brand new puzzle game, which comes from Batuhan Akalin. It is easy to control and has great graphics and sounds. The simple gameplay makes it perfect for all ages, and it will keep you busy for hours!

The object of the game is to shoot watermelons out of the truck. You do not just blindly shoot them though as you need to use the correct angle and speed to land the melons into specific point buckets. Three watermelons are given to you in each level. Power ups are around in nearly every level. Some can be good (gives you extra points), some can be bad (takes away your points) and some are just random (could take away or add points to your current score).There are also negative point buckets, which can be moving or placed awkwardly so you just miss the 1000 and it drops into the -500! Obstacles also get in your way, they are mostly pins or spinning wood.

On the bottom strip of the screen it displays your score, number of watermelons left, angle and speed. This helps you because you might get the 1000 and need to get it again, if you remember the angle and speed you can easily pull off the same shot. To help you the developer gives you a hint on level 1 "Angle 73, Speed 100" this gets you 1000 points, if you do it right you can get a green watermelon on the level!

To pass and get through to the next level you need atleast 1600 points, this will give you a yellow watermelon. The game has alot of added replay value as if you complete all the levels with a green watermelon (3000 points on every level - a perfect score) you will unlock secret levels. There is 2 worlds currently, and I can't wait for more in the future.

Although it is not a completely universal app, as you need to press the "2x" button on the iPad before playing Melon Truck. It is not affected at all and still looks great! There is no blurriness and the gameplay is even better as it is on a bigger screen.

For 59p this game is brilliant. Definitely worth a try!

To see some gameplay, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkd2yIZqAFA

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/melon-truck/id431036115

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Destructopus! Review

Destructopus from GlitchSoft allows you to be the monster going on the rampage, instead of the helpless humans running or attempting to fight back. The cartoonish, retro style graphics and music add to the experience of the game.

All you need to do is reach the end of the level and save the endangered animals. With simple, easy to use controls dodging, punching and biting are alot less complicated. As a monster you do move slowly, which allows you to destroy anything in your path as you are making your way through the level.

The replay value depends on what type of gamer you are. You can aim to get 3 stars on every level, but with more hopefully coming soon and even a new mode on its way, you probably won't have time to complete the 20 levels in the 4 unique worlds. There are also bosses, which are alot harder to beat.

The new mode coming is called Tasty Humans, if it is as good as it sounds this game will continue on it's way to the top.Unfortunately extra content needs to be bought through an I.A.P, but this is only for a new character, fire breath or a spit attack.

Destructopus is a game that should be tried!

Link:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/destructopus/id414603435?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tasty Planet Review

Although it doesn't look like much Tasty Planet is a brilliant game. It allows you to use four different contorls; tilt, swipe, tap or a virtual stick, each of them are easy to get used to.

The game is very simple. All you do is control your goo and eat everything smaller than you, the more you eat the bigger you get. You can eat anything from dirt to galaxies (depending on your size). Things do get a bit harder as there are objects that might be too big for your goo to eat, so they act like a barrier, once you ae big enough you can swallow them no problem! Some animals might try and eat you, if they do touch you your size decreases. This will slow your time down as you willneed to gain it back.

The new bonus level is in connection with Dingo Games latest game "Laser Dolphin". It includes fish and obviously dolphins with lasers on top of their head! The dolphins can shoot the fish, to stop you from eating them or they can shoot at you, so you'll go smaller. Once you get bigger you can eat them...

Overall this game is great. Nice graphics and sounds. Worth checking out.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tasty-planet/id415069562?mt=8
HD Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tasty-planet-hd/id422814977?mt=8

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Laser Dolphin Review

Laser Dolphin is definately worth the money. It includes 3 different modes; Action, Stunt and Race. In the action mode you explore the ocean searching for as many golden dolphins as you can, before you exit. Obviously it isn't as easy as it sounds... There are enemies in each level which you shoot with the laser, which is on top of your head! You can charge the laser by holding on the screen. Enemies get harder in each level, but luckily there are power ups and upgrades for your to help you. The Stunt mode is where you have to try and do as many tricks, and earn as many points as you an in 2 minutes. Race is just timing you on how quick you can swin through all the hoops.

At first the controls can seem a bit annoying, but once you get used to them it is ok. The graphics are nice and so are the sound effects.

Another feature of the game in the action mode is that you can change the difficulty; easy, medium or hard.

Very entertaining game, brilliant for action/puzzle fans.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Foodies Review

Foodies is a very addictive game, and it has 80 levels at the moment. The aim of the game is to help Snacky Sam eat as much food as possible in a week, otherwise Miss Pam will not marry him. She doesn't like slim guys. To help Sam you use a trampoline which is inbetween your two thumbs.

To make things harder there are objects in the way, enemies and fast food. Some levels may even have a timer or limit you to a specific number of bounces!

There are a number of ways in which you can die... You can run out of time or bounces, eat fast food, get eaten by an enemy, fall off the bottom of the screen, get squashed inbetween an object and the trampoline or get stuck in the trampoline.

Graphics and sounds are brilliant. Plus the storyline is awesome! Nano Titans have really done a good job, and I am looking forward to seeing more games from them in the future!

To see some gameplay, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c25tuOiS9CM 

Pig Rush Review

Pig Rush from ReignDesign is a great endless runner. There are plenty of different worlds you can choose from, they are unlocked by the score you have accumulated. You can also buy them seperately for 59p if you don't want to earn the points.

The eight scenes are:
-  Pig Rush
-  Easter Rush
-  Halloween
-  ReignDeer
-  Pixel Rush
-  Artic Rush
-  Ninja Rush
-  Desert Rush

Every World has the same power ups, but they might be something more relevant to the theme. For example in the original Pig Rush a fire helmet protects you from the flames, but in ReignDeer it is the presents that protect you. The pig is also different in every one, it could be a zombie, mummy, polar bear etc.

The controls are very simple; one tap to jump and if you tap again while in the air you'll perform a double jump. When you get the wings you can hold down to fly. Now that the developer has updated the game, when your wings go you land on the ground instead of falling to your death.

For 59p this universal game is brilliant. It has a very nice sounds and even better graphics. What really seperates it from all the other endless runners on the market is that it features multiplayer! Definitely worth every penny...

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Snuggle Truck Review

Snuggle Truck is the newest game from Owlchemy Labs, and it is definitely a great one!

All you need to do is control a pickup truck full of cute fuzzies, all the way to the zoo entrance. There are plenty of cliffs, pits and little bumps to knock out the colourful teddies from your truck. To make it even harder there is sign posts which throw a fuzzy out, you might need to slow down or speed up to catch it again!

For each level there is 5 medals, that can be achieved during the game to go in your trophy case. To activate a power-up you shake the device and a net goes over your fragile load, so you can't lose any while you're going at rocket speed. Graphics are great and so is the sound of the game. The background scenery is amazing aswell!

There will be plenty more new features and levels in the future.

At £1.19 for the iPhone or £1.79 for the HD iPad version, this is a great game with hours of fun!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Stoned 3D Review

Stoned 3D is a very simple game, which needs alot of skill; mainly accurany and speed. It has great sound effects and graphics. Hopefully it will come out to the iPad, as I think it will look amazing.

The story is that you live in the Stone Age and your four colleagues blindly throw down crafted stones. Your job is to catch the matching stones with a board which has shaped holes in it, you slide it along the bottom of the screen. To make the game harder a dinosaur pops out to distract you, if you tap on it you gain exta points. More points are earned when the game gets faster.

You have three lives, and they soon go as the gameplay gets faster and alot harder! More points are earned when it gets more difficult.

Stoned 3D is OpenFeint and Game Center enabled. You can also upload your score Twitter and Facebook.

To see gameplay you can click this link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRzYOpBCCUY

Dog Pile Review

Dog Pile is a brilliant new game from ArtWitz Design and JoshOClock, which uses both touch and tilt controls. It has great graphics, and a very fun soundtrack. The aim of the game is to match the dogs at the top of the pinball style board, with the dogs that are the same colour at the bottom of the screen. There are plenty of obstacles which are making it difficult for you, but some can help you go in the right direction. Once you've landed you can tilt your device, to roll your dog over to the correct colours. This can be a big help when you only have a few left, or you want to make a chain.

During the different levels you have to try and collect bones, which then allow you to customize your dogs. You could buy hats or glasses, and if you really wanted you could buy a new breed! Extra bones can be bought in the app.

Overall Dog Pile is a very addictive game, and it looks great on the iPad or iPod. When more levels are available and extra items are added to the store, this game will be even better!

I would definitely recommend this, and if you're not sure you can go and check out the lite version.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Magic Piano Review

The magic piano does live up to it's name! I am no musician but this app makes me sound like a pro...

There are four types of piano, a songbook (some songs you have to buy with Smoola), Settings and World - where you can listen to others play. The songs are both traditional and modern, which is great. Even the way the menu is set out is really nice.

I think everyone should atleast download the iPod/iPhone version as it is free today. I think I might have to buy the iPad version aswell.

Fission HD - Nuclear Fallout Review

This app is so simple, but is capable of creating beautiful designs. The controls are very easy, double tap in the corner to open the menu. The menu is where you can change the burst effects. There are nine modes, which include: Classic, Vortex, Popshot, Scattered implode, Spiked Splattered implode, Symmetrical implode, Spiked Symmetrical implode, Scatter and Supershot. In the menu you can also change the colours and colour effects.

The main reason I love this app is because you can draw a pattern or a shape then add the particles, and just watch your screen come to life.

Really good app. Looks amazing on the iPad aswell. Universal and only 59p. You can't go wrong...

Falling Fred Review

I have had this game for a while now and it is really fun. It contains a lot of blood, amputation and humour. But the thing that keeps me coming back is all the different ways you can end poor Fred's life! You can replay your fall of attempting to dodge the saws and ledges, and then share it with friends over Facebook and Twitter. The graphics and sound are great. The game is very addictive, but it would be nice to see new modes in the future.

One thing I noticed while scrolling through the reviews on the app store was that people were not very happy about having to pay for more characters. I can kind of understand why, as they have paid for the game, left feedback asking for new characters, and then they have to pay for them. Personally I would like a few other free characters and then maybe a character pack with a couple more included in it.

Overall this is a brilliant game - which is 59p usually, but free for a limited time, whatever price you get this crazy, free falling, universal app for is a great one...

Thursday, 5 May 2011

STM Skinny iPad 2 Case Review

The STM Skinny is a great case for the iPad 2, it does not add any un-necessary weight to the the iPad and it adds minimal bulk. The standing positions are very solid, and are held secure by a belt/flap which also keeps the front of the case closed securely. This case includes the sleep and wake function, and it works very well. Unlike many of the cases already available, the STM Skinny will not lock if you fold the cover over and put it to the back.

The inside of the case is lined with a soft material, so your iPad will not get scratched. The outer back of the case is hard, so it should be protected from light drops and external abuse. The slim design means that your iPad can be put into another bag or case for journeys and you can be sure that it will be kept safe.
It is easy to put your iPad in to it as well. All you do is slide it in to the right clips, then click the other two on to the corners. My only problem with the case is that it exposes the top and the bottom, but it isn't too bad because if you drop the iPad, it is most likely going to hit the corners first which are well protected. The camera hole is perfectly aligned and the case does last. I have not yet seen one rip or loose thread!

The case comes in a range of colours and it can be bought for a very reasonable price. Overall this is a great case in my opinion and would be perfect for anyone taking their iPad on journeys or just using it around the house!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

DrawRace Review

DrawRace is a very different way of racing. Instead of steering and having total control of the vehicle, you draw where your car is going to go. Slowing down the speed you are drawing at will slow the car down in that area, you mainly use that round corners so you don't drift off the track.

It has about 20 levels, some of which can be hard at times.You can go back on a level you have completed and Race against your ghost, a time trial or race againt a network opponent. For me this game needs abit more gameplay, and a choice of different coloured cars would be great.

At the moment this game is great for free or 59p. Worth checking it out.

Infinity Field Review

If you like geometry wars, then you will love this game. It has everything, from fantastic HD graphics to amazing sound effects.

All you do is shoot enemies and dodge them, this is made easier with power ups you collect while you are racing round space. It also has 6 survival modes and a full campaign, not forgetting the multiplayer mode.

With easy to use dual-stick controls, and simple gameplay it will keep you busy for hours. For £1.19 from Chillingo, this is a must have for any iPad owner.

The only bad thing about this game is that you can't get it on the iPod Touch/iPhone as of yet. Hopefully in the future it will become another award winning app from Chillingo, and universal!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Gears Review

Gears is the latest game from Crescent Moon Games, and it is a well polished. It has stunning visuals and smooth animation. You have a choice of controls, swipe or tilt. The swipe speed can be changed, and the tilt can be calibrated. You get a bonus if you use tilt, as it is a lot harder. In total there is 3 worlds, each with 9 levels on them.

There are 4 different difficulty settings:
  • Easy - No time limit and unlimited lives. No time bonus at the end of a level.
  • Normal - Generous time limit and it has unlimited lives. There is a time bonus.
  • Hard - Tight time limit, but still unlimited lives. Higher time bonus.
  • Brutal! - Tight time limit, and just one life. Highest time bonus.

So the aim of the game is to reach the power collection funnel, under the time limit (depending on what difficulty you have it on). You also have to try and collect as many power gears as possible.

This is by far the best game for iOS so far this year, and it is on 66% off for the launch sale.
On the iPad it looks amazing, so for a 59p universal game this is magnificent.

Depict Review

I am writing this review while playing this addictive, online game. For 59p this is a bargain. It looks great on my iPad and iPod.

All you have to do is simply draw! You have 30 seconds to illustrate, whatever item/animal you were given. There is 5 rounds and a maximum of 5 players. Players can be from all around the world, you get connected randomly. You just have to guess what the other player is drawing. You get points for guessing correctly, depending on how quick you were. If you are the drawer you get points for everytime someone guesses the right answer. It isn't too hard as the answers are multiple choice.

You can design your own picture, that appears on the top of the screen. There is an in game chat box, and you can add friends just inside depict, which you can later invite to a game. It is Game Center and Openfeint enabled, so you can also join friends from there. Some more great features are that you can play solo, rate drawings and report users.

Worth every penny in my opinion!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Unpleasant Horse Review

Unpleasant Horse is a new edition to the endless runner genre. It does get slightly repetitive, but because you can take a different path each time it is not a big deal.

So the main aim is too get as far as you can before you fall into the grinders. You use clouds, horses and birds to help you on your journey. Clouds are just for jumping from one to the other, if there is non in sight you have no choice but to jump into midair, hoping there is anothere one near by. If you land on a horse then you fall into the grinders but the horse underneath starts to be shredded - giving you extra points. Hitting a bird gives you a feather, meaning you can tap on the screen and glide.

This for me is an addictive, just one more go game. It's free and a universal app, so it works great with the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch. Hopefully in the future there will be game center or openfeint enabled, or even moregame modes.

Definitely worth the download.