Monday, 9 May 2011

Pig Rush Review

Pig Rush from ReignDesign is a great endless runner. There are plenty of different worlds you can choose from, they are unlocked by the score you have accumulated. You can also buy them seperately for 59p if you don't want to earn the points.

The eight scenes are:
-  Pig Rush
-  Easter Rush
-  Halloween
-  ReignDeer
-  Pixel Rush
-  Artic Rush
-  Ninja Rush
-  Desert Rush

Every World has the same power ups, but they might be something more relevant to the theme. For example in the original Pig Rush a fire helmet protects you from the flames, but in ReignDeer it is the presents that protect you. The pig is also different in every one, it could be a zombie, mummy, polar bear etc.

The controls are very simple; one tap to jump and if you tap again while in the air you'll perform a double jump. When you get the wings you can hold down to fly. Now that the developer has updated the game, when your wings go you land on the ground instead of falling to your death.

For 59p this universal game is brilliant. It has a very nice sounds and even better graphics. What really seperates it from all the other endless runners on the market is that it features multiplayer! Definitely worth every penny...

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