Saturday, 21 May 2011

Elemental - A Musical Instrument Review

Elemental from Nooskewl is a very relaxing and unique app. You create music from the different elements; Wind, Water, Fire and Earth. Each of the elements have appropriate sounds, and you would be able to tell what they are without the labels.

You are given a rectangle made up of small circles, underneath it is the elements. You tap on an element to select it and tap again to place it in the grid. Randomly placing them does often make very nice sounds, but filling the rectangle too much makes it sound hectic. To remove an element you just tap on it again.

As the music you have created plays through over and over again you are able to track it, sometimes the effects are a bit slow for the music but not very often.

To clear the grid you can shake your device. I would like to see a save button because when you create a beautiful piece of music you would like the option to listen to it again. Overall this is a great app, and it's universal so for the cheap price you pay it's definitely worth it.


Note: The developer has been very generous and given me 5 codes to give away, look out for my tweet later! -!/i_reviews


  1. Hi there! Just wanted to note a few things. You can shake your ipod/ipad to clear the grid. Also, the original author of this app and a friend of mine, is planning to update with a completely new additional set of samples/effects. When that happens I will be adding save/load functions as well as mixers and the ability to add additional "patterns" (ie have more than one grid, and scroll between them in a certain order). My friend who made the sounds and graphics has been busy so I don't know when he will have time to make this update, but when he is I'll be sure to prepare a new release.

  2. I will be looking forward to the future update, and I have edited the post to contain the shake feature. Thanks