Saturday, 7 May 2011

Stoned 3D Review

Stoned 3D is a very simple game, which needs alot of skill; mainly accurany and speed. It has great sound effects and graphics. Hopefully it will come out to the iPad, as I think it will look amazing.

The story is that you live in the Stone Age and your four colleagues blindly throw down crafted stones. Your job is to catch the matching stones with a board which has shaped holes in it, you slide it along the bottom of the screen. To make the game harder a dinosaur pops out to distract you, if you tap on it you gain exta points. More points are earned when the game gets faster.

You have three lives, and they soon go as the gameplay gets faster and alot harder! More points are earned when it gets more difficult.

Stoned 3D is OpenFeint and Game Center enabled. You can also upload your score Twitter and Facebook.

To see gameplay you can click this link:

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