Thursday, 5 May 2011

STM Skinny iPad 2 Case Review

The STM Skinny is a great case for the iPad 2, it does not add any un-necessary weight to the the iPad and it adds minimal bulk. The standing positions are very solid, and are held secure by a belt/flap which also keeps the front of the case closed securely. This case includes the sleep and wake function, and it works very well. Unlike many of the cases already available, the STM Skinny will not lock if you fold the cover over and put it to the back.

The inside of the case is lined with a soft material, so your iPad will not get scratched. The outer back of the case is hard, so it should be protected from light drops and external abuse. The slim design means that your iPad can be put into another bag or case for journeys and you can be sure that it will be kept safe.
It is easy to put your iPad in to it as well. All you do is slide it in to the right clips, then click the other two on to the corners. My only problem with the case is that it exposes the top and the bottom, but it isn't too bad because if you drop the iPad, it is most likely going to hit the corners first which are well protected. The camera hole is perfectly aligned and the case does last. I have not yet seen one rip or loose thread!

The case comes in a range of colours and it can be bought for a very reasonable price. Overall this is a great case in my opinion and would be perfect for anyone taking their iPad on journeys or just using it around the house!

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