Thursday, 19 May 2011

Balliland XL Review

This is a very good puzzle game. It looks easy but after just a few levels you are forced to use a hint or two.

There are three episodes; The Forest, The Desert and The Arctic. Each episode is unlocked once you have a certain number of coins, which you obtain when playing your way through plenty of levels. There is supposed to be more coming soon.

All you need to do is position the balls in a straight line. The balls can roll of the board, so crates can be a big help, the only probem is crates can also fall off. Once you get into even harder levels there are obstacles, these can be stones, bombs, traps, ice, spikes, lasers and even saws!

As with most puzzle games like this there is undo buttons and hints, but this game comes with unlimited undos! The three balls tend to blink and roll over in their space while you are working out where to move them, this can be a bit distracting - it just makes you use more concentration.

Balliland also has Game Center and OpenFeint Achievements.

Overall this game does get your brain working. It has great graphics and sounds. There is also a free version "Balliland S" which is worth a look, if you are not sure.


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