Saturday, 14 May 2011

Melon Truck Review

Melon Truck is a brand new puzzle game, which comes from Batuhan Akalin. It is easy to control and has great graphics and sounds. The simple gameplay makes it perfect for all ages, and it will keep you busy for hours!

The object of the game is to shoot watermelons out of the truck. You do not just blindly shoot them though as you need to use the correct angle and speed to land the melons into specific point buckets. Three watermelons are given to you in each level. Power ups are around in nearly every level. Some can be good (gives you extra points), some can be bad (takes away your points) and some are just random (could take away or add points to your current score).There are also negative point buckets, which can be moving or placed awkwardly so you just miss the 1000 and it drops into the -500! Obstacles also get in your way, they are mostly pins or spinning wood.

On the bottom strip of the screen it displays your score, number of watermelons left, angle and speed. This helps you because you might get the 1000 and need to get it again, if you remember the angle and speed you can easily pull off the same shot. To help you the developer gives you a hint on level 1 "Angle 73, Speed 100" this gets you 1000 points, if you do it right you can get a green watermelon on the level!

To pass and get through to the next level you need atleast 1600 points, this will give you a yellow watermelon. The game has alot of added replay value as if you complete all the levels with a green watermelon (3000 points on every level - a perfect score) you will unlock secret levels. There is 2 worlds currently, and I can't wait for more in the future.

Although it is not a completely universal app, as you need to press the "2x" button on the iPad before playing Melon Truck. It is not affected at all and still looks great! There is no blurriness and the gameplay is even better as it is on a bigger screen.

For 59p this game is brilliant. Definitely worth a try!

To see some gameplay, click this link:


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