Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tasty Planet Review

Although it doesn't look like much Tasty Planet is a brilliant game. It allows you to use four different contorls; tilt, swipe, tap or a virtual stick, each of them are easy to get used to.

The game is very simple. All you do is control your goo and eat everything smaller than you, the more you eat the bigger you get. You can eat anything from dirt to galaxies (depending on your size). Things do get a bit harder as there are objects that might be too big for your goo to eat, so they act like a barrier, once you ae big enough you can swallow them no problem! Some animals might try and eat you, if they do touch you your size decreases. This will slow your time down as you willneed to gain it back.

The new bonus level is in connection with Dingo Games latest game "Laser Dolphin". It includes fish and obviously dolphins with lasers on top of their head! The dolphins can shoot the fish, to stop you from eating them or they can shoot at you, so you'll go smaller. Once you get bigger you can eat them...

Overall this game is great. Nice graphics and sounds. Worth checking out.

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