Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Laser Dolphin Review

Laser Dolphin is definately worth the money. It includes 3 different modes; Action, Stunt and Race. In the action mode you explore the ocean searching for as many golden dolphins as you can, before you exit. Obviously it isn't as easy as it sounds... There are enemies in each level which you shoot with the laser, which is on top of your head! You can charge the laser by holding on the screen. Enemies get harder in each level, but luckily there are power ups and upgrades for your to help you. The Stunt mode is where you have to try and do as many tricks, and earn as many points as you an in 2 minutes. Race is just timing you on how quick you can swin through all the hoops.

At first the controls can seem a bit annoying, but once you get used to them it is ok. The graphics are nice and so are the sound effects.

Another feature of the game in the action mode is that you can change the difficulty; easy, medium or hard.

Very entertaining game, brilliant for action/puzzle fans.

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