Monday, 2 May 2011

Depict Review

I am writing this review while playing this addictive, online game. For 59p this is a bargain. It looks great on my iPad and iPod.

All you have to do is simply draw! You have 30 seconds to illustrate, whatever item/animal you were given. There is 5 rounds and a maximum of 5 players. Players can be from all around the world, you get connected randomly. You just have to guess what the other player is drawing. You get points for guessing correctly, depending on how quick you were. If you are the drawer you get points for everytime someone guesses the right answer. It isn't too hard as the answers are multiple choice.

You can design your own picture, that appears on the top of the screen. There is an in game chat box, and you can add friends just inside depict, which you can later invite to a game. It is Game Center and Openfeint enabled, so you can also join friends from there. Some more great features are that you can play solo, rate drawings and report users.

Worth every penny in my opinion!

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