Friday, 6 May 2011

Falling Fred Review

I have had this game for a while now and it is really fun. It contains a lot of blood, amputation and humour. But the thing that keeps me coming back is all the different ways you can end poor Fred's life! You can replay your fall of attempting to dodge the saws and ledges, and then share it with friends over Facebook and Twitter. The graphics and sound are great. The game is very addictive, but it would be nice to see new modes in the future.

One thing I noticed while scrolling through the reviews on the app store was that people were not very happy about having to pay for more characters. I can kind of understand why, as they have paid for the game, left feedback asking for new characters, and then they have to pay for them. Personally I would like a few other free characters and then maybe a character pack with a couple more included in it.

Overall this is a brilliant game - which is 59p usually, but free for a limited time, whatever price you get this crazy, free falling, universal app for is a great one...

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