Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bumpy Road Review

I have been looking forward to the release of this game for a while now. Simogo definitely didn't disappoint me! This game has very unique graphics and sounds, and you can be sure it will keep you busy for ages. The music in all areas of the game is well suited, and it is the sort you won't get tired of.

The most different thing about this game from any other is the controls, yet they are so simple and easy to use. The car which carries the happily married couple always drives to the right. You don't control the car though, you control the road, which means touching the screen will put a bump in the road. At first I found this difficult to master, but now I've got the hang of it I am moving the car back and forth. A little tap under the car will push it into the air, allowing you to avoid the gaps in the road.

Bumpy Road gives you two modes:
  • Evergreen Ride - An endless, randomly generated track. You need to make it as far as you can without falling into a hole or running out of fuel. In the level there are many different gizmos, if you collect enough of these you will fill up your fuel gauge. Filling it up completely will take you into a bonus trip, this speeds te gameplay up and takes away any dangerous holes. It allows you to pick up as many gizmos as you can.
  • Sunday Trip - An endless, randomly generated track. In this one you need to get to the finish line as quick as you can. There is no hazards in this level, but collecting clocks will improve your final time, and the boost speeds you up. There is no fuel gauge but there is gizmos, the gizmos on this level help you with your Game Center Achievements.
There is also a third mode but it isn't a game. It's called Memory Lane, while you are playing the Evergreen Ride you might come across pictures. If you collect them and go into Memory Lane you will find a projector and you will be able to scroll through the pictures, each of them showing apart of the married couples life together. The room is lighted by the projector and the couple are on the couch watching the screen. The music played in the room is very relaxing, and it is lovely how you can see snippets of their life and how it began.

I just hope there will be more modes, and more to achieve in the gameplay but overall Simogo have once again brought a brilliant game to the app store. Worth every penny, and it's universal!

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