Saturday, 28 May 2011

Paint My Wings Review

Paint My Wings is the new way to paint beautiful, symmetrical butterflies. I know that as child I used to love getting out the paint set and painting one wing, and then folding it over. With Paint My Wings from Toca Boca kids can easily do this, just without the mess.

There is two butterflies a boy and a girl. They both sing and talk while you are painting, sometimes they tell you which colour you have picked, and other times they are humming away. Another great feature is that you can tickle them, which makes them giggle or say something different. Even when you swap butterflies they say "bye bye" or "cya later" then "hi paint my wings" or "hey paint my wings".

Paint My Wings uses the mirror effect, so painting one wing will mean you have painted them both. If you write on one it will be backwards on the other, but put it in front of a mirror and it will look like it has been wrote normally. You can also save your butterfly to your camera roll.

The sound effects are great. The voices perfectly suit the butterflies and you feel as if you are outside because you can hear birds tweeting in the background. There are nine colours at the moment, and they are all nicely set out at the side.

Brilliant app for kids!


iPhone Screenshot 4

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