Saturday, 21 May 2011

Contact George Pro Review

Re-Create Entertainment have created a very fun game. You are given a virtual human called George, you can love him or simply use him as a punch bag. You can visit George any time of the day as he is waiting for you, whether it's in his office, bathroom, bedroom or living room.  

There are alot of different ways to interact with your George you can slap, punch, tickle and even squeeze him. If you want a different way of hurting him you can rig items in the room, shaking your device will also cause him to lose his balance. During the game there is plenty of achievements, my first one was called "Jewel Breaker". You can also level up.

To rig an item you double tap it, you will then have to rig it your self in under a certain time limit, rigging can involve swiping, shaking or tapping. Once fully completed it will react and a picture will pop up saying "Technical Difficulties Please Standby" then it will show you what happened and than a picture with a caption will appear. Most objects have different outcomes, all of them being very funny.

Overall this is a great game, and George is my new virtual stress ball. He cheers me up and makes me laugh. You can really tell a lot of hard work has been put into it, I'd recommend it to anyone!


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