Thursday, 19 May 2011

Puji's Shootout HD Review

At first this new game from Playcompass looked a bit childish, but I can safely say it is fun for any age! The graphics are bright and colourful, controls are easy to use and the sound is great.

You play as the star who must avoid the bubbles, crabs and many more sea creatures, which come to distract you. There is a choice of controls; a slider in the bottom left corner of the screen, or the accelerometer, both are very simple to use.

Once you are in a good position, you tap on the screen, which shoots up a line of stars. If a bubble hits the line it pops, once you have popped all the bubbles you can proceed to the next level. On every level there is plenty of power ups, which give you the advantage. And if over 100 levels and 5 different water based worlds is not enough, you can go back and try to get three stars on each one.

I think you should go try this very entertaining game out, and if you are not sure you can always try out the lite version in the app store.


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