Sunday, 8 May 2011

Snuggle Truck Review

Snuggle Truck is the newest game from Owlchemy Labs, and it is definitely a great one!

All you need to do is control a pickup truck full of cute fuzzies, all the way to the zoo entrance. There are plenty of cliffs, pits and little bumps to knock out the colourful teddies from your truck. To make it even harder there is sign posts which throw a fuzzy out, you might need to slow down or speed up to catch it again!

For each level there is 5 medals, that can be achieved during the game to go in your trophy case. To activate a power-up you shake the device and a net goes over your fragile load, so you can't lose any while you're going at rocket speed. Graphics are great and so is the sound of the game. The background scenery is amazing aswell!

There will be plenty more new features and levels in the future.

At £1.19 for the iPhone or £1.79 for the HD iPad version, this is a great game with hours of fun!

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