Sunday, 1 May 2011

Unpleasant Horse Review

Unpleasant Horse is a new edition to the endless runner genre. It does get slightly repetitive, but because you can take a different path each time it is not a big deal.

So the main aim is too get as far as you can before you fall into the grinders. You use clouds, horses and birds to help you on your journey. Clouds are just for jumping from one to the other, if there is non in sight you have no choice but to jump into midair, hoping there is anothere one near by. If you land on a horse then you fall into the grinders but the horse underneath starts to be shredded - giving you extra points. Hitting a bird gives you a feather, meaning you can tap on the screen and glide.

This for me is an addictive, just one more go game. It's free and a universal app, so it works great with the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch. Hopefully in the future there will be game center or openfeint enabled, or even moregame modes.

Definitely worth the download.

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