Friday, 20 May 2011

Golf ♠ Solitaire Review

Golf Solitaire from Sprightly Software mixes certain golf elements with solitaire. It won't improve your golfing skills but will definitely get your brain working!

It took a few attempts and a good read through the instructions before I fully understood the game. There is a total of nine rounds, each with 35 cards, you need to clear as many as you can, and achieve the lowest score possible. In every round your score starts at 35, and as you remove the cards it goes lower. Every round has a maximum score which means if you are over it at the end, you will fail and have to restart the game. Luckily there is an undo button to help you.

To clear the cards you need to click on another (from the main play area) which is one bigger or smaller than the card showing on the discard pile, colours and the suit does not apply. For example; if a 3 was showing on the discard pile then you could click on a 4 or a 2, which ever one you pick will then move to the top of the discard pile. Changes of direction are allowed so you could do a sequence such as; 5-6-5-4-3-4-5-6. If there is no more moves then you can tap on the deck which will reveal a new card. Only a 2 can be played on the aces, and nothing can be played on the Kings.

It is a great game with brilliant graphics and sound effects, you can easily read the cards and it is universal. A very good challenging game.


Note: The developer has been very generous and given me 10 codes to give away, look out for my tweet later! -!/i_reviews

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