Saturday, 21 May 2011

MemMatch Review

MemMatch is a simple matching game. You need to find two cards which have the same picture on them. With every turn you get to pick two cards, you need to try and remember what it was on the card so if you find the match you can quickly pair it up. The aim is to match all the cards in fewest flips possible. The pictures can range from basic colours to famous figures and places, they are very clear and all look professionally photographed.

It's great for people who used to play this game as a child and maybe even now, the only difference is that it's cheaper than a pack of cards and it is portable! The graphics are perfect for the game. Casual gamers who just want to pass a few minutes will also like this game. There is three modes; Easy, Medium and Hard. Easy has 8 cards, Medium has 18 cards and Hard has 40.

For 59p this is a great purchase. It's also universal!


Note: The developer has been very generous and given me 5 codes to give away, look out for my tweet later! -!/i_reviews

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