Monday, 2 May 2011

Gears Review

Gears is the latest game from Crescent Moon Games, and it is a well polished. It has stunning visuals and smooth animation. You have a choice of controls, swipe or tilt. The swipe speed can be changed, and the tilt can be calibrated. You get a bonus if you use tilt, as it is a lot harder. In total there is 3 worlds, each with 9 levels on them.

There are 4 different difficulty settings:
  • Easy - No time limit and unlimited lives. No time bonus at the end of a level.
  • Normal - Generous time limit and it has unlimited lives. There is a time bonus.
  • Hard - Tight time limit, but still unlimited lives. Higher time bonus.
  • Brutal! - Tight time limit, and just one life. Highest time bonus.

So the aim of the game is to reach the power collection funnel, under the time limit (depending on what difficulty you have it on). You also have to try and collect as many power gears as possible.

This is by far the best game for iOS so far this year, and it is on 66% off for the launch sale.
On the iPad it looks amazing, so for a 59p universal game this is magnificent.

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