Thursday, 19 May 2011

TrafficVille Review

TrafficVille is a very simple game, with easy controls. All you need to is control the traffic, and stop crashes. You change the lights from red to green, but as you progress you start to get timed and after 7 seconds the light will automatically change to green.

There is 5 different types of cars some can be fast and some can be slow, there is also planes, trains and fire trucks. The planes block your screen while flying past, so they can distract you for a brief moment. Both planes and fire trucks cannot be stopped, trains can be stopped but are long and very slow when they are on the move.

The graphics are great and they look even better as the game supports Retina Display. The sounds when you crash are realistic, and the game is addictive. In the next update Game Center will be added, and because of their latest release two of their older games are free (City Lights and JETMonkeys). 

Very nice and well made game, worth taking a look at.


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