Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Roger The Flying Pig HD

Roger The Flying Pig is a great game for all the family, it has great graphics and sounds. The story is brilliant as well, "Roger (the pig), got lost when he was a piglet, and couldn’t find his way home. He was lucky enough to be found by a duck family. They took him in and raised him like their own little ducklings. Roger was raised with many duck sisters and brothers but one day they all flew away leaving him behind… He knew that there is only one thing he can do… He has to learn how to fly."

There is plenty of game play, which includes an Arcade mode and Challenge mode. These two modes set a different goal; arcade giving you three different ones and in the challenge mode there is only one - get as far as possible.

Arcade mode has three overall goals:
  • Apples - Collect as many as you can.
  • Signs - Avoid all of the signs
  • Distance - You have to get as close as you can to the given distance.
For each one there is four levels, it can get repetitive but you can try and achieve three stars on every one. The stars go towards a new outfit and improving your bounce or jump.

Eating more burgers means your speed along the ramp will increase, which will help you make a better jump. Cup cakes will give you a more powerful jump.

The game supports Open Feint and Game Center integration.

On the whole this game is worth checking out.

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/roger-the-flying-pig-hd/id435535401?mt=8

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 5

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