Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Toca Tea Party Review

Toca Tea Party creates a brilliant interactive tea party for three. It has great graphics and perfect sounds for the app.

It is very easy to use, and tapping on the screen is the main control. To start the tea party you drag one of the three table clothes onto the table, each one comes in a range of colours. Then you select plates and drinks, you can mix and match them, so every guest has a different drink or plate. After that you drag the food onto the plates. I would like to see some different cakes and maybe healthier options added in a future update, but for children it is great. Once you have done all these steps you can start your very own tea party.

Everything is interactive. You can change the music on the radio and ignite candles with a simple tap. To eat the delicious looking food for yourself or the guests you tap on the it, each tap will take a bite. When the food has gone there will be crumbs left, and you can drag and drop another cake or cookie onto your plate. There is three of each food you selected on a plate at the end of the screen.

With the drinks you press on a cup and the amount of tea, coffee or pink lemonade will slowly go down. To add some more into your cup you pour it out of the jugs, you can leave these anywhere on the table after you have finished pouring. You can spill your drink aswell, but you then have to get a tissue and wipe up the mess.

Once the tea party is over you have to clean the dishes, you can tilt the iPad or drag and drop the plates into the water. After you have completed this final task you can start all over again.

Another good feature is that speach bubbles appear from the plates, in the bubble there is a picture of a food or drink your guest would like to be served.

Whether you are having a tea party with your kids and cuddly bears or dolls this is a fantastic app and should be on every family iPad. 

Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/toca-tea-party/id424174500?mt=8

iPad Screenshot 1
iPad Screenshot 2

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