Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sneak Out! Review

Sneak Out is a brilliant game which requires patience and strategy. There is two modes and the graphics are great. The aim of the game is to leave work so you can go to happy hour, the only problem is that your mangers are wandering round. As you progress, levels become faster and there will be more bosses to escape from and you might even have to escape with a friend!

The controls are very simple. To move you draw a line, then the character will follow it, if you draw a line that is heading towards your boss you can easily draw a new one. In every level there is three stars to collect before you leave, but you don't have to obtain them all.

To help you on your escape you have a smelly hot dog and a speed up 2x. The hot dog will freeze the bosses and the speed up 2x will speed up your movement. In the levels there is also telephones, printers and fax machines; if you press on them it will cause a distraction for your boss, using the machines will lower your score though.

The two modes are both challenging. Classic is just you trying to escape and is slower than insane mode. The insane mode makes you control two characters and seems to be a lot harder. The bosses in the modes are always unpredictable, so you can never plan your whole route.

If you get caught by the faint yellow line, which represents the bosses view, you will be sent back to your desk and be forced to try and escape again.

Overall this is a great game, which will keep you busy for hours. It looks even better on the HD, iPad version. Worth every penny!

HD Link:

iPhone Screenshot 3

iPhone Screenshot 1

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