Saturday, 4 June 2011

Kalimat Review

Kalimat is the latest word game to come to the app store. It is very much like scrabble, but there are two modes. The graphics are great and are probably the best out of any other word game and the sounds are perfect for the game play.

The two modes are remix and normal. Normal is very simple, you create one word  from the seven letters you are given at the start of the game. You must spell your word from left to right or top to bottom, you must go through a word which is already on the board. You can swap your letters but you will automatically lose your turn, and you can pass which means you will skip your turn, passing three times in a row will result in losing the game. Shaking the device will shuffle your letter tiles, sometimes this will help you spot a word you could make.

The scoring is just like scrabble; each letter is worth a certain amount of points, they get added up to make a word score. If you place your word in certain places on the board you can land on triple word, triple letter, double word and double letter scores. Using all seven letters in one word will give you a 50 point bonus.

Remix is similar apart from the hidden bonus which is randomly placed in every game, it is called Ali Baba and it is worth 50 points. The other differences are that you can swap letters once without losing your turn and there is a turn timer, placing a word within the first minute of your go means your word score will be tripled and in the first second it means it will be doubled.

Kalimat is mainly based on online multiplayer, but there is a pass and play mode as well. If you want to play with your friends you can invite them to a game but you can also play against a random opponent. While in the game you can chat and you can have up to 20 games going at the same time. There is plenty of notifications and sounds to alert you that your opponent has made the move. If you are unsure of a word that has been placed you can press on the list and then click on the word, a definition will then appear.

At the moment the developers of Kalimat are holding a competition, there is an iPad 2 and loads of iTunes gift cards up for grabs! To learn more about it and how to be entered click here.

Overall this is a great tile based word game, it has a beautiful layout and looks amazing. Worth every penny!


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