Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem HD Review

Spider-Man is a great game which reflects the comics brilliantly. The simple combat and movement controls are similar to other titles from Gameloft, they react quickly and execute a smooth action. The comic book style graphics are perfect for the game play and all the voice overs in the game are appropriate and suitable for each character. As well as a fantastic storyline and addictive game play you will be able to unlock different items and fight a number of well known villains.

When starting the game there will be a brief tutorial and as you reach certain areas more will be explained. There is over 20 fighting combos and a few special attacks. While playing the 12 levels, which are based in New York City, you will come across Spider-Man's toughest enemies including Sandman, Rhino, Electro, Venom, Dr Octopus, and Green Goblin. The bosses are not easy to defeat and as you progress they become much smarter in combat. Even reaching the villains is a challenge, as you need to pass places which may contain more enemies. Surprisingly there is not many buttons, and the special attacks appear when you can use them or need them. On your action packed adventure you will need to climb walls and jump over holes in the ground. Citizens will also need to be saved and switches will need to be pulled to save the city, all of these can be performed by a tap of a button - when it appears and when you get close enough.

There is not a free roam mode but while you walk around the city, attempting to fight your way through evil, you can attack cars and other items to collect orbs. The green orbs will restore your health and the red ones will add up, so that you can buy upgrades from the in game menu. Orbs are also collected when you defeat enemies or save a hostage.

Another fantastic feature is the extras. In the extras you can look at four things. There is a "Boss Rush" where you can replay boos fights and it records your time and rank, you can play at any difficulty. There is a segment called "Artwork"which is what you unlock through out the game, you will find beautiful HD photos of Spider-Man and villains, and there is up to 150 to collect. The last two are called "Photos" and "Level Ranking", in the photos you will be able to view action shots of the boss fights. You take the pictures by pressing a button which appears when you are in combat. Level Ranking shows you your stats for all the levels you ave completed.

If you complete all the levels you will unlock the Black Suit which will give you different powers, then you can revisit different levels and see what it does to your combat style.

A brilliant game for any action fan, and Spider-Man supporters will not be disappointed at all. Worth every penny!


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