Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sudoku Puzzle Packs Review

Sudoku Puzzle Packs from Thumb Wizards is a brilliant free, universal app which looks great on both the iPad and iPhone. The sounds and graphics are perfect for the game play and with a range of visual themes it will definitely keep you interested.

Sudoku Puzzle Packs is a beautifully designed puzzle game. There is only six puzzles but they are tasters of the in app purchases. The I.A.Ps are .99$/59p each and they are all different difficulties. The packs have 50 up to 100 puzzles in each one!

In the app there is some fantastic features. There is an assist which turns all the available tiles blue, incorrect ones red and correct ones green, if you click on a blue tile or red one it will automatically put in the right answer. There is also a next puzzle button, restart, an assist counter and a how many tiles left counter. Even when you pause the game all the tiles go blank so you can't work it out while the timer has been stopped.

One of the best things about this Sudoku game is probably the input methods. You simply tap on a tile and choose a number, you can even pencil smaller numbers in and if you have ever played Sudoku you will know how helpful they can be when you're working the numbers out.

Overall this is a great app and it's free! It is perfect for beginners and the advanced players, and if you like it you can buy the packs. Worth the download.


iPhone Screenshot 2
iPhone Screenshot 3

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