Friday, 17 June 2011

Race After 1977 Review

Race After 1977 is a racing game which puts you in to a scene of devastation from the nuclear apocalypse. You are racing to win the GPS co-ordinates of the last hospitable place on Earth. It is a very fun game with great graphics and sounds although I think that it could get better in future updates. The most recent update, which was released on the 13th of June, brought native iPad and iPad 2 support. Along with minor and major tweaks to the physics and controls, the overall game play and realism has become much better.
There are three control options; a steering wheel, touch and tilt controls, you may also need to change the sensitivity to your own liking. The car accelerates automatically so you only have to steer and brake, if you want to reverse you need to hold down on the brake pedal.

While driving there are a few buttons and extra information displayed on the screen. There is a rear view, menu, lap counter, speedometer, position, direction, race time, best lap, camera, respawn and a radar. These help with your driving, whether it's to see if anyone is coming to knock you off the track or you are going fast enough to jump over the bridge.

There is a total of ten tracks in five different environments, all of them have shortcuts to help you gain an advantage in the race. Some gaps or jumps will give you the need to build up speed so you can make it over or on top of an obstacle. You can also unlock nine cars which all have their own strengths and weaknesses on every track. The replay value mainly comes with the achievements, there is fifty to collect and after each race you are shown them, the ones you need will appear as well. You are given cash rewards depending on where you come in the race, but there is no where to spend it, you can't even buy upgrades for your vehicles.
Overall this is a good racing game and fun for a quick race or spending a while in the story mode. Worth checking out.

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