Thursday, 2 June 2011

dream:scape Review

In dream:scape you will play as Wilson who is a coma patient, while playing through you will reveal more of your past at your own pace. Wandering round nearly 30 acres of land and exploring it will add more entries to your once empty diary. It is more like a 3D novel which is told through certain game elements and dramatic sounds.

Amazingly it only took three months to make but due to compatibility problems on older devices it was prolonged an extra two months. Another surprising fact is that it was entirely made by one person (George Lippert) he only got help from Jane Kalmes who co-wrote the story, Isaias Garcia who composed and performed the score and Carol Mertz who voiced the lines for Amelia on her iPhone!

The graphics of the haunting and spooky world are brilliant. What else would you expect from an Unreal Engine powered game?

The controls are very basic and simple to use. There is two joysticks one to move and the other to look around, if you want to look around or head in a different direction quicker you can always slide your finger on the screen instead.

Once you complete the story you will unlock a free roam mode, and because you may be a while completing it there is a handy walkthrough with hints and tips on the website.

The introductory price will be 1.99 which will be half of the normal price. It is universal, and looks great on the iPad and iPhone. So put June 9th on your calendar and get ready to download this great game!


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