Monday, 13 June 2011

Tanglewood Review

Tanglewood is a fantastic puzzle game. It can be very difficult at times but it is extremely addictive. The graphics and sounds are great and this is a must have for anyone who likes a challenge.

The game play is very simple. You need to fit all of the given blocks into the gap, and you can not place them passed the dotted line. To get a block, you drag one from the bar which is at the top, if you want to put one back you can just flick it off the screen.

At the moment there are three different difficulties which total up to seventy levels. As you progress, the puzzles get much harder. Obstacles start to appear, and the blocks start become irregular shapes. Luckily you can use hints, but you only receive them once you have correctly completed a puzzle.

In the setting you can adjust nearly everything which is physics based. You can change the gravity, friction, spin speed and even the linear speed. There is a default option as well.

Every level records your best score, so it is great for long journeys. Definitely worth checking out!


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