Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Toca Hair Salon Review

Toca Boca have released another brilliant game for the iPhone and iPad. It is very simple and it is filled with great graphics and sounds. The colours are very clear and it looks very well made.

The game is easy to get in to. At the start you must choose one out of the four characters, your selection will act as your client. Then you can give them a brand new hairstyle. You are able to cut, brush, dry, shave, grow and colour the hair. You can also take snapshots. All of the equipment is in a bar at the bottom of the screen. On the iPad all of the hair colours are on one bar instead on two because there is more room. To select anything you just simply tap on it, then you are able to use it on the hair.

Another cool feature is that when you tilt your device, the scene out of the window moves. And during the whole experience your character makes silly faces and noises which should make you smile.

I would like to see more characters added in an update and maybe an option that allows you to wash, straighten and even curl the hair.

Overall Toca Boca have brought another fantastic game for children to the app store. Worth every penny as it will keep any child entertained and busy. Can't wait for future app releases and updates from Toca Boca!


iPhone Screenshot 1
iPhone Screenshot 2

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  1. Although much of what is offered here mirrors what is available in the Toca Salon, this app is not to be confused with a simple “lite” version of Toca Salon (although this app can easily be used by those new to Toca Boca to see if Toca Salon is of interest to their family) as here, wonderful decorations in the style of ornaments and such have been added which my family has gotten a huge kick out of, which vary from the more traditional hair decorations recently added to the classic Toca Salon.