Saturday, 11 June 2011

Surfin' Dude Review

Surfin' Dude from Violet Studio is a great tilt based game for the iPhone. It has very nice sounds and graphics which consist of colours that stand out against the wave. There is also going to be a Story Mode added in a future update.

The game is easy to learn and uses simple controls. You tilt your device to move and press the screen to jump. If you want to get further away from the wave you need to keep your character travelling straight for a while and then he will surf faster and collecting a star will make you invincible.

When you press play you will be able to set your controls. There is regular, top down or custom. To set your controls in custom you hold your device normally then press set. Once you have pressed set you tilt your device so you put the surfer in the center of the screen. Then you press play. With the other controls you just tilt your device until the surfer is in the center, you don't need to press set. You can also invert the controls.

When you are in the game and are riding the wave you need to collect as many flowers as you can. The only problem is that there are hungry sharks in the water. There are other distractions such as monkeys, turtles, seagulls and fish. As the game gets harder the sharks come at a faster pace and seagulls fly past in larger groups. You can also be in danger if you surf in risky areas and if you hit a shark you will slow down and the wave will soon catch up with you, if you are to close to the wave and you slow down it will be game over and you will be wiped out.

Surfin' Dude is a fun game and it is suitable for anyone. Definitely worth checking out!


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