Thursday, 23 June 2011

Snow Master Review

Snow Master is an entertaining game, which is suitable for any age. There are three modes; Acid Snow, Twin Flakes and Snow Mercy. Each mode has a different game play and control style, the sound effects are great and the graphics on the iPad and the iPhone are brilliant.

In the first mode, Acid Snow, you need to swipe the green snowflakes before they hit the ground. Bonuses are acquired if you get more than one snowflake in one swipe. As you progress the levels get much harder, and the snow falls quicker and heavier. You can't just draw a line forever as it does eventually run out, this is shown by the globe of your wand in the top right hand corner. If it runs out you just need to take your finger of the screen and then it will refill automatically. When destroying the acid flakes and letting the white snow hit the ground your accumulation will rise, this is shown on a ruler along the right side of the screen. There is also a blue meter which reflects your health, this will reduce and change colours if you slice a good flake or let the bad ones hit the ground.

The second mode is Twin Flakes. You will need to match the pairs of snowflakes. They will stay on the screen until you match them all and then you will be given a new set, they will be more pairs and there will be a range of sizes. Once you clear four sets you will get a different time limit to work with. Any left over time will be added on. The controls are simple, tap on a snowflake and the match and then they will both disappear.

The last mode is called Snow Mercy. All you have to do is save all of the flakes before they reach the fires at the bottom of the screen. Fireballs will rise up and you will need to swipe them to destroy them. To save any snowflake you must swipe through them. The globe from Acid Snow will be there as well - doing the exact same job.

Overall this is a really good game and is very addictive. It uses game center for the leaderboards and is worth the money. Do you have what it takes to be a Snow Master?


iPhone Screenshot 3

iPhone Screenshot 4

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